Canal tours

Scheduled sailings

De vrije afvaarten vinden in 2021 plaats op de woensdag-, vrijdag- en zaterdagmiddag om 13.30 en 14.45 uur. Kaartjes voor de vrije afvaarten kunt u kopen aan de boot en bij de VVV Eemsdelta.

Group arrangements

Naturally, you can also book this canal touring boat on different days with a group of people.

Would you like to go on a day trip? This tour is also available in combination with the following activities:

  • A beautiful city walk through the authentic town, duration ca. 1 ½ hours
  • A visit to the Nicolaïkerk, led by a special church guide, duration ca. ½ hour
  • A visit to the Synagogue in Appingedam
  • A visit to the Groninger Zilverkamer, an exposition on old northern Groningen silverware
  • A visit to a museum in Appingedam
Also take a look at the Kerken en marentocht (Visiting old churches via the waterways). More info here.

Ordering tickets

Ticket prices from july the 12th 2020

Ticket prices per person:
Adults; € 6,00 per person
Children until 12 years of age; € 4,00 per person

Prices Damsterveer (maximum of 46 persons per canal tour, due to corona restrictions the maximum is 22 persons)

Persons for the first hour

up to 25 persons €125,00
26 - 35 persons €175,00
36 - 46 persons €225,00

For every next hour an additional €100,00 will be charged. Up to 6 hours which is the maximum sailing time per day.

An extra payment of 10 euros is required, at the following times:
- From the 1st of April until the 1st of October between 12.30 and 13.30, and after 18.00. From the 1st of October until the 1st of April (off season), during the entire day.

For more information about the possible arrangements and the ordering of tickets, you can contact the VVV Eemsdelta by clicking on the button below.