Our boats

The canal touring boats Damsterveer and Leutje Damsterveer have proven their added value countless times, nowadays it’s impossible to imagine the boats not sailing across the waterways in and around Appingedam.

Annually, around 5000 passengers board the canal touring boat, enjoying various tours, including trips around the old town centre of Appingedam and trips across the Damsterdiep or the Maren. The Damsterveer also plays an important role during special events, for example during the annual Coopluydenmarkt, the Festival: Back to the Beginning and the Sea and Folksong Festival: Bie Daip.


The covered canal touring boat Damsterveer can accommodate 46 people, it is therefore very suitable for a larger company, family outings or company trips.

Leutje Damsterveer

Leutje Damsterveer is an open canal touring boat, which can accommodate 12 people, it is therefore an excellent boat for smaller groups. A large benefit of this boat is that it can fit underneath the bridges that span the waterways.